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At Oakes & Fosher, LLC, we understand the complex and often confusing world of investments. We protect the interests of investors harmed by the wrongful actions of brokers, brokerage firms, or investment advisors. Our securities fraud attorneys have a proven track record of success in recovering damages for fraud, negligence, or misconduct victims.

Our expertise covers multiple practice areas within securities law, ensuring dependable legal representation no matter the complexity of your case. We’ve tried and won more FINRA arbitration cases on behalf of our clients than any other law firm in the country. You can trust us to protect your rights and seek your best interests.

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Alternative Investments

Alternative investments are securities not traded on public exchanges and lack readily available pricing. Examples include non-traded REITsnon-traded BDCsprivate placements, and promissory notes.

Often advertised as opportunities to make a lot of money, these investments can be risky. You might not receive a quick return.

Brokers may take advantage of their clients by selling alternative investments to those unsuited for the level of risk. They may also mislead them about the risks or charge them outrageously high fees for their assistance.

Oakes & Fosher stands ready to assist those suffering losses from alternative investments. We can investigate your case for potential broker misconduct, represent you in FINRA arbitration or court, and assist with loss recovery.

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FINRA Arbitration

Oakes & Fosher, LLC specializes in assisting investors who have suffered financial losses from their advisor’s misconduct. Our securities and investment fraud attorneys successfully represent clients in FINRA arbitration cases, where we work to recover the money owed to you.

Our process includes a detailed case examination, strong claim drafting, evidence gathering, and representation before FINRA arbitrators. If successful, we will also assist you in collecting your entitled compensation.

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Churning & Excessive Trading

Excessive trading, or churning, occurs when a broker trades securities in an account excessively to generate additional fees. A claimant must show that the broker controlled the account transactions to prove a churning claim in securities arbitration. Additionally, they must demonstrate that the account activity was excessive.

We boast extensive experience presenting legal and statistical evidence that supports churning claims to Arbitration Panels. Examples include turnover ratios and break-even percentages.

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Stockbroker Fraud

Stockbroker fraud occurs when brokers engage in misconduct to benefit themselves rather than their clients. Our securities and investment fraud attorneys have in-depth knowledge of securities law and can help you recover your investment losses, whether from elder fraudPonzi schemes, or conversion fraud.

We’ll analyze your financial statements and assess misconduct. If necessary, we will then file a claim with FINRA against the responsible broker or brokerage firm.

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Annuity & Insurance Fraud

Our skilled attorneys represent clients experiencing losses from various forms of annuity and insurance fraud:

  • Equity Indexed Annuities: These investment vehicles fall between fixed and variable annuities. They appear alluring to some because brokers often pitch them as ways to see profits on existing annuity investments without exposing their principal to risk. However, brokers don’t mention that equity indexed annuities are illiquid, with up to 20% cancellation fees.
  • Variable Annuities: These investments include a contract with an insurance company or financial institution. The insurer agrees to make periodic payments to the investor. As with any investment option, though, risks are prevalent. These products are illiquid, meaning neither the investor nor their beneficiary can touch the funds until all payments are complete. However, brokers misrepresent them and sell variable annuities to gain from the associated fees.
  • Variable Life Insurance: A variable life insurance policy is similar to a variable annuity, offering greater flexibility and potential returns than other investment opportunities. However, these complex investments may prevent investors from withdrawing or transferring funds for several years. Brokers often falsely claim that the principal and income are secure since variable annuities are forms of insurance.
  • Whole Life InsuranceAs its name suggests, whole life insurance is a policy that stays in effect for the holder’s lifetime or as long as premium payments continue. A portion of each payment goes toward the insurance cost, while the rest builds cash value. Although it often appeals to investors interested in a product offering cash value to pay premiums, many brokers sell it as an investment vehicle, stating that it will help build retirement savings.

Broker Negligence

Brokers have a legal duty to make appropriate investment decisions for their clients. However, some brokers fail to do so by recommending unsuitable investments that can lead to significant losses for investors. Oakes & Fosher represents those who have suffered losses from broker negligence.

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Over the last 12 years, we’ve won more FINRA cases for individual investors than any other firm. Our extensive track record includes recovering $100 million in private arbitration and assisting over 1,000 investors nationwide.

Additionally, we have over 20 years of experience representing individual investors in disputes with stockbrokers and large firms. We have the time and resources to help you recover what you’ve lost.

With extensive knowledge of securities law, we can answer any questions you may have. We understand the arbitration process and how it applies to your case and will aggressively pursue just compensation for your claim. When you choose Oakes & Fosher, you’ll receive the highest quality legal services regarding securities arbitration or litigation matters.

We offer free, confidential consultations and only charge attorney’s fees upon successful recovery. That’s why we are the ideal choice for seeking justice and compensation for your losses from broker misconduct or negligence.

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Oakes & Fosher, LLC is home to experienced securities and investment fraud attorneys. We offer services to those wronged by brokers and investment firms. Our expertise spans multiple practice areas, ensuring your protection.

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