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When you feel you have been wronged by someone through fraud and deceit, it can come as quite a shock. This is especially true when it involves your investments, as you trusted a stock broker or a firm to handle your money wisely and help you see a higher return.

When you uncover the truth, you deserve to bring action against the culpable parties and receive reparations for damages that occurred.

The attorneys at Oakes and Fosher understand the situation you face and are here to help. We handle securities arbitration suits for investors who have experienced fraud. We know that arming yourself with the knowledge to identify fraud can be the first step in combating an already stressful situation.

Take a look at the fraud and questionable practices that investors might experience at the hands of unscrupulous brokers:


Elder Fraud

Elder FraudElder fraud happens when older people are tricked or lied to. It usually involves their money or property. Sometimes, people who are not trustworthy may try to take advantage of older adults, thinking they can easily deceive them.

This can take many forms, such as:

  • Phone scams
  • Internet fraud
  • Pressure from someone they know, asking for money or personal information

Elder fraud preys on older individuals, exploiting their trust and assets. Contact our lawyers today if you or a loved one has been involved in a scam.

Ponzi Schemes

A Ponzi Scheme is a type of scam where money from new investors is used to pay back earlier investors. This makes it seem like the investment is doing well, but in reality, there’s no real profit being made.

This illusion of success continues only as long as new investors keep coming in and there is enough money to keep the cycle going.

However, Ponzi schemes eventually collapse when it becomes impossible to recruit new investors or when too many investors try to withdraw their money at the same time. Victims of these schemes can lose their entire investment, leaving them in financial distress.

Our lawyers can help you look out for red flags, such as guaranteed high returns with little or no risk, which is often too good to be true.

Excessive 401(k) Fees

Excessive 401(k) FeesSometimes, the accounts that hold our retirement savings, like a 401(k), can have high fees that are not easy to see. These high fees can take away a lot of the money you’re saving for the future without you even realizing it.

The impact of these fees over time can be significant due to the compound effect. This could mean that you’re not just losing the money paid in fees, but also the potential earnings that money could have generated if it had stayed in your account. Over time, a lot of money can be lost.

Our lawyers can help you:

  • Review your 401(k) statements
  • Understand the fees you’re being charged
  • Consider lower-cost options if they’re available

Non-Traded REITs

Non-traded REITs are a way to invest in real estate without actually buying property yourself. However, they can be tricky because they’re not easy to sell quickly, and it might be hard to find out how much they’re really worth.

These investments don’t trade publicly, so selling might be difficult. Your money could get stuck longer than expected.

Non-traded REITs have higher fees than traded ones, reducing profits. It’s hard to determine the investment’s true value with infrequent updates. Consulting a financial advisor before investing is wise.

EB-5 Investment Fraud

EB-5 Investment FraudThe EB-5 program should help people invest in the U.S. and potentially get permission to live here. Sometimes, people get duped into investing in fake projects. They lose money and miss out on living in the U.S. Scammers use deceitful tactics, promising big returns. They exploit the investor’s dreams of a better life.

Failure to Supervise

This happens when companies that are supposed to watch over their employees to make sure they’re doing their jobs right don’t keep a close enough eye on them. This can lead to bad advice or wrong actions with your money.

Junk Bonds

Junk bonds are like risky bets. They can pay off big, but there’s also a high chance you could lose your money. These bonds are offered by companies in poor financial shape, making investing in them more like gambling than a safe bet.

Variable Annuities

Variable annuities are a type of retirement account that can go up or down in value based on how certain investments perform. While they can offer the chance for more money in the future, they also come with risks and costs that can be hard to understand.

Structured Notes

Structured notes are a type of investment that can be very complicated. They’re like a mix of stocks and bonds and can change in value based on a lot of different things. Because they’re so complex, it can be hard to know exactly what you’re getting into and whether it’s a good fit for your money.

Negligence/Failure to Disclose Risks

Sometimes, the people who are supposed to help you make smart choices with your money might not tell you everything you need to know, especially about what could go wrong. This lack of information can lead to making decisions without seeing the whole picture, which might not be in your best interest.

Overconcentration of Assets

This happens when too much of your money is put into one type of investment or area. It’s risky because if that one area does badly, you could lose a lot of money. Diversifying or spreading your investments across different areas can help protect your money from these types of risks.

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