Were you wronged by a Broker or Brokerage Firm?

Brokers and brokerage firms generally act for the best interests of their customers. Oakes & Fosher handles cases for those situations when they do not.

Broker misconduct generally falls into two categories (1) self-dealing and (2) failure to make suitable investment decisions for a customer. The rules, regulations and standards governing securities transactions are, however, complicated to say the least. A variety of abusive and unsuitable conduct may be occurring or may have occurred in your brokerage account without you having the slightest notion that wrongdoing may have taken place.

There are many different types of investment fraud or negligence that can be differentiated by case type listed below.

What We Do

Oakes & Fosher, LLC is a law firm that focuses exclusively on representing investors in securities arbitration cases. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of cases, and have tried numerous cases before arbitration panels. We have litigated cases against the vast majority of brokerage firms operating in the United States, and we have been hired by the state of Illinois to represent one of its counties in a securities case. We are keenly aware of the legal duties brokers and brokerage firms have to their customers, and the best ways to recover for the damages you have incurred. If you seek a professional opinion as to whether wrongdoing occurred in your brokerage account or with your investments, Oakes & Fosher will provide a completely free and confidential evaluation of your broker’s conduct and your potential case.

With our attorneys, paralegals and staff members on your side, you can rest easy knowing that tremendous experience and knowledge, combined with resources and commitment, are hard at work for you.