The UBS Financial Yield Enhancement Strategy (YES) may promise enhanced returns for investors, but it also carries inherent risks. When a broker or brokerage firm does not adequately explain the complexities of this strategy or consider whether it is right for investors, YES can quickly lead to financial losses and disputes.

If you believe your broker acted negligently or there was other inappropriate action related to your investment, Oakes & Fosher Law is here for you. Our UBS Financial Yield Enhancement Strategy attorneys often play a crucial role in advocating for investors’ rights and recovering compensation for them.

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Why Should I Choose Oakes & Fosher Law for My UBS Financial YES Fraud Attorney?

UBS Financial YES Fraud Attorneys at Oakes & Fosher LawAt Oakes & Fosher Law, our attorneys only handle securities fraud and arbitration cases. Because of this, we possess the necessary knowledge and experience of securities law, regulations, and case precedents. We can assess your case and analyze the circumstances surrounding your investment losses.

When issues arise with the UBS Financial YES program, it is difficult or impossible for investors to manage their own disputes against the responsible parties. Our securities fraud attorneys represent investors’ rights and help them pursue justice for their investment losses.

If you choose Oakes & Fosher Law to manage your UBS Financial YES case, you can expect our lawyer to:

  • Investigate the underlying causes of your investment losses, including potential misconduct, broker negligence, or misrepresentation
  • Identify the financial advisors or brokerage firms responsible for negligence or fraud
  • Determine the best approach to get justice based on the case facts
  • Negotiate with opposing parties, including brokerage firms and their legal representatives, when appropriate
  • Advocate for you in legal proceedings, including Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration hearings or civil litigation in state or federal courts
  • Present a compelling case to recover fair monetary damages and other forms of relief, often through FINRA arbitration

Our UBS financial YES fraud lawyers do not ask clients to pay upfront fees. Instead, our firm works based on contingency. Our clients owe us nothing until we close their cases and recover compensation through negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

Contact us today to learn more about how our securities arbitration lawyers can help. Our initial case assessments are always free.

Our UBS Financial Yield Enhancement Strategy Lawyers Understand the Risks of This Program

Brokers market the UBS YES program as a conservative, low-risk strategy designed to enhance investors’ returns. It involves using complex trading strategies to make more income from the client’s existing portfolio. Investors are drawn to the allure of making more money without taking on too many additional risks.

However, beneath the surface, this program has many risks and potential pitfalls. Brokers and brokerage firms are not always forthright about these risks since this could deter potential investors.

When issues arise with the UBS Financial YES program, investors face many challenges solving disputes with their financial advisor and the other parties responsible. Our securities fraud lawyers know the applicable laws and can help you seek restitution if someone’s negligence or unethical behavior caused your losses.

Let Our UBS Financial YES Program Attorney Determine What Went Wrong in Your Case

Bruce Oakes, UBS Financial YES Program AttorneyOur UBS Financial Yield Enhancement Strategy lawyers can identify what happened and if negligence, fraud, or mishandling caused your financial losses. While UBS Financial’s YES does have some inherent problems, we often find that investor losses occur because a broker violates securities laws or regulations.

The UBS Financial YES program operates through intricate options trading strategies. These are difficult to explain and comprehend for those outside the industry.

UBS Financial markets YES as a conservative strategy, but the potential for significant gains always comes with the risk of large losses. Brokers commonly fail to adequately explain the risks and their potential effect on investors’ portfolios.

YES is not suitable for all investors. Those with low risk tolerance or who want to preserve their capital would not generally want to participate in this program if they fully understood the risks.

When brokers make unsuitable recommendations or fail to consider these factors, this is broker negligence. It can cause serious financial harm and undermine the investor’s trust in financial advisors.

How Will Oakes & Fosher Law Handle My UBS Financial YES Losses Case?

At Oakes & Fosher Law, our securities fraud lawyers know how to build a compelling case to hold a broker, brokerage firm, or another liable party responsible for the losses our client suffered.

If you lost money because of a negligent or unethical financial advisor, we are here for you. We can investigate what happened and determine your options.

Getting justice for our clients often requires us to navigate the arbitration process, represent them at a hearing, and fight for the money they lost and other damages. This is sometimes the best way to hold the at-fault parties accountable.

We know how to navigate the FINRA arbitration process or other procedures necessary to get compensation for our clients’ losses. Let our team review the facts of your case with you today. This is the first step toward getting justice if you were victimized by UBS Financial’s YES program.

Our UBS Financial YES Attorneys Know Managing a Dispute Is Difficult on Your Own

Hiring a UBS Financial YES AttorneyInvestors without legal expertise will likely find navigating the processes necessary to hold parties responsible for investment disputes too daunting. This includes broker negligence, securities fraud, or breach of fiduciary duties. Most investors cannot navigate the complex procedures required and knowledge needed to successfully pursue these cases.

At Oakes & Fosher Law, we believe in recovering damages and holding responsible parties accountable. Our securities fraud attorneys often play a pivotal role in assisting investors who suffered significant losses, including those involved in the UBS Financial YES program and other problematic investment strategies.

Let us handle your securities arbitration and seek the justice you deserve. You can focus on getting back to your daily life.

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Richard Fosher, Attorney for UBS Financial Yield Enhancement Strategy

UBS Financial YES Lawyer, Richard Fosher

Oakes & Fosher Law provides free, confidential consultations for investors concerned about the financial advice and management they received. We can identify securities fraud and negligence and help you fight for justice. Our securities fraud lawyers can handle mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

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