Investors often choose mutual funds to diversify their portfolios and safeguard their investments. However, they must trust the fund administrator to work in their best interests and follow all applicable rules and regulations. If this doesn’t happen, they stand to lose their investment.

If this happened to you, a mutual funds fraud attorney from Oakes & Fosher Law is here to help. We represent investors who fell victim to mutual fund fraud and investment negligence. Let us protect your interest and help you get justice.

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Why Should I Choose a Mutual Funds Fraud Lawyer From Oakes & Fosher Law?

Mutual Funds Fraud Lawyers at Oakes & Fosher LawAt Oakes & Fosher Law, we only represent investors who lost money because of securities fraud and broker negligence. We have extensive experience navigating securities law, investment regulations, and litigation procedures.

When it comes to mutual fund fraud, we regularly pursue legal remedies for our clients. This generally focuses on securities arbitration. During this process, we aim to recover money for the client and hold the negligent or fraudulent party accountable.

Because our cases focus on investment mishandling, we have taken on most brokerage firms operating in the United States today.

When you hire our team to handle your mutual funds fraud case, you can count on us to:

  • Represent you against the mutual fund company, investment advisor, broker, or others
  • Investigate to show mutual fund fraud occurred and build a compelling case to document it
  • Provide legal advice and guidance throughout this process
  • Navigate the arbitration process on your behalf
  • Negotiate a fair settlement or represent you in an arbitration hearing when necessary

Our mutual fund fraud attorneys work based on contingency. We will begin work on your case with no upfront fees. Our clients never owe us anything until we close their cases and recover compensation. You only owe attorney’s fees if we win.

You can learn more today. We provide free consultations with our team. Contact us for your complimentary case assessment.

Our Securities Arbitration Lawyers Understand Mutual Fund Fraud

Mutual funds are a popular investment option for those seeking to diversify their portfolios. Diversification protects investments by spreading the money over several securities, usually stocks and bonds.

However, like any financial market, mutual funds are susceptible to fraud and misconduct. Mutual fund fraud usually involves deceptive practices and results in financial losses for investors.

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is a non-profit organization authorized by Congress to set rules, regulations, and procedures for the entire industry. The organization also ensures compliance.

When a broker commits mutual fund fraud, FINRA the investor may need arbitration to obtain justice and hold the negligent broker or brokerage firm accountable.

Mutual fund fraud poses significant risks to investors. Not only do they suffer financial losses, but fraud undermines their trust and confidence in all types of financial markets. Our mutual fund fraud attorneys can help you hold the negligent parties accountable and seek compensation for your losses.

Our Mutual Fund Fraud Attorneys Are Familiar With Many Types of Inappropriate Practices

Bruce Oakes attorney for Mutual Funds Fraud

There are innumerable ways that a broker or administrator can act negligently or inappropriately when investing your money into a mutual fund. Our lawyers will review your case to determine if we believe mutual fund fraud or other illegal practices occurred.

Some of the most common types of mutual fund fraud we see include:

Market Timing and Late Trading

Market timing, also known as churning, involves frequent buying and selling of shares to exploit short-term price discrepancies. Late trading occurs when investors place orders to buy or sell mutual fund shares after the market closes but receive the price set at the end of the trading day. These practices are considered unethical and violate federal securities laws.

Misrepresentation and False Statements

Mutual fund companies or investment advisors may use misleading information about fund performance, risks, or investment objectives to attract investors. By law, however, these advisors must provide accurate statements and information to investors and potential investors.

Insider Trading

Insider trading involves trading securities based on non-public information, giving certain investors an unfair advantage over others. It could occur alongside other unethical practices, such as late trading. Both practices are illegal.

Ponzi Schemes

Ponzi schemes promise high returns to investors but are, in reality, fraudulent scams. They rely on funds from new investors to pay returns to earlier investors.

They do not generate legitimate profits and often collapse when there are not enough new investors. Our Ponzi scheme attorneys know how to recognize these scams and pursue justice for clients who became victims of them.

When Should Someone Hire a Mutual Funds Fraud Lawyer?

Sometimes, recognizing mutual fund fraud could take months or even years. If you suspect something is off, you should pay close attention to identify any red flags. Ultimately, your best resource to determine if you were a fraud victim is to discuss your case with a securities fraud attorney from our team.

To safeguard yourself against mutual funds fraud, take these steps:

Be Skeptical of Promises of High Returns

You should exercise caution when presented with mutual funds promising unusually high returns or guaranteed profits. Such claims may indicate fraudulent schemes. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Monitor Your Account Statements Carefully

Review your account statements and transaction history regularly to identify any unauthorized or suspicious activities, such as unauthorized trades or irregular withdrawals.

Contact Our Team About Any Suspected Fraud

We provide free consultations. We can ask you questions to determine what happened and learn more about what you experienced. We will assess your options based on the money you lost and the behavior of your administrator or the mutual funds company.

Our Mutual Funds Fraud Lawyers Will Handle Your Case for You

Mutual Funds FraudIt is often difficult or impossible to recover fair compensation on your own following mutual funds fraud. The process required includes detailed procedures and is based on complex regulations.

Our attorneys regularly handle securities litigation, including FINRA arbitration. We know what it takes to build a strong case and fight for the justice our clients deserve, including compensation and accountability.

With Oakes & Fosher Law, your attorney can investigate the mutual fund company, investment advisors, and/or fund managers. They will review regulatory filings, analyze historical performance data, and research previous disciplinary records.

We build solid cases to support our clients’ rights.

Discuss Your Mutual Funds Fraud Losses With Our Team for Free

Richard Fosher, Attorney for Mutual Funds Fraud

Mutual Funds Fraud Lawyer, Richard Fosher

Oakes & Fosher Law provides free consultations for those who believe their losses occurred due to fraud or negligence. A securities fraud lawyer can assess your case and discuss your options for seeking justice today.

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