High-yield junk bonds often lead to significant investment losses. While junk bonds offer investors potentially lucrative returns, these bonds come with substantial risks. When the risks materialize, investors often wonder if they have options for holding the broker or brokerage firm accountable and recovering their losses.

Under some circumstances, you can. A high yield junk bond attorney from Oakes & Fosher Law can explain your options and pursue justice if you were a victim of fraud, negligence, or other misbehavior. We provide free, confidential consultations for investors nationwide. Contact us to learn more about your next steps.


Why Should I Hire a Junk Bonds Fraud Attorney From Oakes & Fosher Law?

Junk Bonds Fraud Attorneys at Oakes & Fosher LawOakes & Fosher Law attorneys only handle securities fraud and arbitration cases. Our firm focuses solely on these areas of law, ensuring we have the knowledge, experience, resources, and reputation to litigate or arbitrate these cases—and win.

As junk bond lawyers, we must know all about securities law, bond offerings, investment fraud, and related litigation.

When we represent investors, we:

  • Identify when bond issuers failed to comply with relevant securities laws and regulations
  • Review and analyze disclosure documents, prospectuses, offering memoranda, and account statements to ensure transparency and accuracy of information
  • Represent your interests if you suffered losses due to fraudulent or negligent practices related to high-yield junk bonds
  • Negotiate settlements to resolve disputes with bond issuers or other parties if there is a way to secure fair and equitable compensation in a case
  • Manage your case through litigation or arbitration proceedings, pursuing damages and holding responsible parties accountable

Our junk bond fraud lawyers can fight for justice on your behalf if you lost money due to broker negligence, fraud, or other mishandling of high-yield junk bonds.

We represent clients based on contingency. We will not ask you to pay upfront for our services. Our attorneys work for a portion of the money we recover for you in your case. We only get paid if we win.

Our Junk Bond Lawyers Understand How Fraud Occurs

High-yield junk bonds are debt securities. They come from companies with lower credit ratings, usually below investment grade. This makes them riskier. The nickname junk bonds stems from their much higher risk of default than investment-grade securities.

Still, companies with poor credit ratings often need to raise capital. This could allow them to finance expansions, secure acquisitions, or refinance existing debt. This is why high-yield junk bonds exist.

Investors are attracted to junk bonds primarily because of their higher yields compared to safer investments. While they can be profitable, there are also downsides. They are much more susceptible to economic downturns, changes in interest rates, and company-specific issues.

If your broker or brokerage firm failed to adequately warn you about these risks or did not do due diligence on your behalf before investing, you might have a broker negligence case. Our junk bonds fraud lawyer can review the case facts and assess your legal options for free today.

Let Our High-Yield Junk Bond Fraud Lawyers Fight for Justice in Your Case

Junk Bond Attorney Richard Fosher

When we represent victims of high-yield junk bond fraud or misconduct, our goals include:

  • Recovering money for our clients based on the case facts
  • Holding the parties responsible for your losses accountable

Depending on the details of what occurred and other factors, there are various avenues our securities fraud attorneys can utilize to reach these goals. This includes:

Securities Litigation

Sometimes, victims can file lawsuits to hold brokers or other responsible parties accountable for securities fraud, misrepresentation, or violations of securities laws. These are complex legal proceedings and are only possible in some cases. Many brokerage firms require arbitration as a part of their contracts, preventing investors from suing.

Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits may be possible in cases involving multiple investors suffering losses due to the same fraudulent or negligent conduct. Class actions allow investors to consolidate their claims and pursue compensation collectively.

Securities Arbitration

Our attorneys most commonly handle cases for clients through arbitration. Many bond agreements include arbitration clauses, which means the investor must use arbitration instead of litigation to resolve disputes.

Our junk bond lawyers regularly represent investors in Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration proceedings. FINRA arbitration requires knowledge and experience with complex regulations and procedures.

Settlement Negotiations

The parties involved in disputes over high-yield junk bonds often opt for settlement negotiations to resolve the matter without an arbitration hearing or litigation. Our junk bond fraud lawyers are crucial in negotiating favorable settlements for our clients.

Our Junk Bond Attorneys Will Handle Your Fraud Case

Junk BondWhen investors fall victim to fraud, misconduct, or negligence related to junk bond investments, seeking recourse is often frustrating. You may not understand your options and know what to do next. However, you do not have to try to deal with these challenging circumstances on your own.

The rules, regulations, and procedures related to securities and securities fraud are complex. This is one reason why our law firm handles only these cases. We believe investors should not have to learn an entire area of law to recover the money they lost and hold negligent parties responsible for inappropriate behavior.

Our junk bond lawyers from Oakes & Fosher Law provide invaluable assistance for investors. We know how to navigate the complex legal landscape, the regulations related to high-yield bonds, and how to pursue compensation for victims.

When you trust our attorneys with your high-yield junk bonds arbitration, we handle all aspects of the case. You can focus on your daily life and let us manage the rest. We are available now to assess your options and answer your questions.

Discuss Your Junk Bond Fraud Case With Our Team Today for Free

Bruce Oakes, Lawyer for High Yield Junk Bond

Bruce Oakes, High Yield Junk Bond Attorney

At Oakes & Fosher Law, our team provides free, confidential consultations for those who suffered monetary losses and wonder if their broker acted inappropriately. Our securities fraud lawyers understand how negligence and mishandling can cause significant financial harm. Let us review your case and explain your options for free today.

Contact us online or via telephone at (314) 428-7600. We have someone available now to take your call.


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