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William August Glaser Broker Fraud Information

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William August Glaser has worked in the securities industry for 32 years. During his long career, he has been employed by nine different securities firms.  The last nine years he worked for National Planning Corporation until being terminated in June of 2017.

Publicly available information recently reported on William August Glaser of National Planning Corporation reflects that Mr. Glaser advised customers to invest in private investments classified as promissory notes or loans. In some cases, Mr. Glaser advised customers to liquidate variable annuities in order to purchase these promissory notes. These types of investments carry much greater risk and, in some cases, are linked to schemes that misappropriate client funds, also known as Ponzi schemes.

In an ongoing matter, Glaser used the Customer’s account to purchase two promissory notes with a company run by Paul Everett Creager. According to public records, Paul Everett Creager is currently the subject of an ongoing federal investigation for criminal activity regarding his company.

It was due to these actions that William August Glaser was terminated from National Planning Corporation. He is also currently under investigation by both the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office for possible criminal activity regarding this matter.

Additional news about this investigation: 

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