Peter Cunningham is a California based securities broker. He has worked in the securities industry for twenty-four years. During his career, he was registered with five different securities firms.

His registrations include; Kennedy, Cabot & Co. (1994-1997), TD Waterhouse Investor Services (1997-2002), Murial Siebert & Co. (2017-2018), and Stockcross Financial Services (2002-Present).

Peter Cunningham’s publicly available FINRA BrokerCheck report shows that he has received multiple customer complaints over the course of his career.

In July 2000, a customer alleged breach of fiduciary duty and unsuitable investment recommendations that were contrary to their investment objectives. This case went to arbitration where the customer was awarded $40,000 in damages.

In May 2001, a customer alleged lack of suitability and failure to disclose material facts. This case was settled for $13,415 in damages.

In July 2001, a customer alleged unsuitable investments. This case was settled for $11,621 in damages.

In December 2001, Peter Cunningham was terminated from his position at TD Waterhouse Investor Services Due to the number of customer complaints he had received.

In April 2002, a customer alleged unsuitable investment recommendations. This case was settled for $9,769.35 in damages

In May 2005, a customer alleged negligence and fraud. This case was settled for $65,103 in damages.

In January 2012, a customer alleged negligence, unsuitable recommendations, and misrepresentation/omission of material facts. This case was settled for $90,000 in damages.

In May 2012, a customer alleged the transactions in her account over a period of ten years were unsuitable and that she was not provided with material facts regarding the purchased securities. This case was settled for $150,000 in damages.

In August 2018, Peter Cunningham was officially sanctioned by the Massachusetts Securities Division due to allegations of short-term UIT trading and fraudulent misrepresentation. This sanction is currently pending.

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