Kimberly Kitts was a Massachusetts based securities broker. She worked in the securities industry for eighteen years. During her career, she was registered with six different securities firms.

Her registrations include; Jackson National Financial Services (1997-1998), New England Securities (1998-1999), PFPC Distributors (1999-2001), Forum Fund Services (2002), ING Financial Partners (2003-2004), and Royal Alliance Associates (2004-2017). She is no longer working as a registered securities broker in any fashion.

Kimberly Kitts’ publicly available FINRA BrokerCheck report shows that she has received multiple customer complaints over the course of her career.

In June 2010, a customer alleged that annuity exchanges made by Kitts were not in their best interests.

In April 2012, a customer alleged that poor recommendations from Kitts resulted in losses in their account.

In November 2017, an attorney, on behalf of a customer, alleged that Kimberly Kitts Converted funds. This case was settled for $1,969,086.67 in damages. Kimberly Kitts was discharged from her position at Royal Alliance Associates following the allegations.

FINRA eventually opened up an investigation into her alleged fund conversion. After Kitts allegedly failed to comply with FINRA’s request for information, she was barred by FINRA from acting as a securities broker in any fashion.

In November 2018, a customer alleged that Kimberly Kitts defrauded her. This case is currently pending. The customer is seeking $215,523.55 in damages.

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