Genevieve Mar is an Illinois based securities broker. She has worked in the securities industry for twenty-two years. During her career, she has been registered with four different securities firms.

Her registrations include; PFS Investments (1996-1997), Woodbury Financial Services (1997-2009), Brewer Financial Services (2009-2010), and Berthel, Fisher & Company (2010-Present).

Genevieve Mar’s publicly available FINRA BrokerCheck report shows that she has received multiple customer complaints over the course of her career.

In June 2011, customers alleged misrepresentations and omissions, negligence, and fraud. This case went to arbitration where the customers were awarded $125,000 in damages.

In September 2013, a customer alleged unsuitable investments and misrepresentation against Ms. Mar. This case was settled for $222,000 in damages.

In July 2018, customers alleged that Genevieve Mar made unsuitable investments and did not fully explain the risks associated with the investments at the time of the purchase. This case is currently pending. The customers are seeking $250,000 in damages.

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